Article - January 8, 2018

Rowegians Atlantic Crossing

Rowegian team progress
"With StormGeo's assistance, the Rowegians were able to surpass their goal of crossing the Atlantic in 59 days — making it in 36! StormGeo provided daily weather forecasts with insight into wave, winds, speed of currents and tides. I am truly grateful for the support of StormGeo on this mission!”

Olav Aleksander Bu
Rowegians Advisor and Navigator

Hear from Rowegian team members, Sophia, Camilla, Hege and Cornelia prior to taking off on their cross-Atlantic, 3000 NM row.

Rowegians route tracking

January 8th, Day 26 Rowegian Update 

"In a week from now some of the first boats may be crossing the finish line — but there are weeks of adventure still to come!

The feeling across the whole fleet is probably the most upbeat that it has been so far. A combination of good conditions and real progress for even the slowest crews have lifted spirits!

10 crews have less than 1000nm to go with another 3 due to be past that milestone within 24 hours. 1200nm now separates the lead crew, 4 Oarsmen, from the last crew, Atlantic Ladies! The Rowegians are making more south to capitalise on the strong easterlies. They are in good health and upbeat.

When we had the chance to chat to the girls this weekend, they were of course all chattering away, and spirits were very high. They are experiencing sleep deprivation, however, it's not too bad. They are trying to cure it by listening to old ballad songs during the night shifts.

Food-wise — all the candy they have consumed over the last three weeks is making up for all the rowing. They are getting a bit tired of all the dried food, but are learning to be creative... a mix between spaghetti bolognese and macaroni & cheese is the new hit.

StormGeo is excited to be sponsoring - The Rowegians! Four Norwegian Women and the World’s Toughest Row!

The Challenge began on December 14 - StormGeo will be tracking the Rowegians' vessel through AIS tracking for the 3000 NM Atlantic Challenge on our FleedDSS platform for the 60 (+/-) day challenge.

As a sponsor, StormGeo is supplying the women with different tools to help optimize their route, taking into account historical data and forecasting data along the way. Our RoRo / Special Vessel Team out of New York has been in dialogue with the team on the vessel's requirements/constraints to assist the challenge and support with the 24hr hotline.

Watch the video and check back for updates to see the vessel's coordinates along the way! We will be posting updates from the Rowegians and collaborating with the team's other sponsors and supporters via social media.

StormGeo wishes the Rowegians good luck and a safe journey! We will be following you from the shore!

Rowegians team

The Rowegians track viewed on StormGeo's FleetDSS Platform on December 28th

Rowegians route tracking