What We Do

We are a leading, multi-industry technology provider and enabler, assisting our clients in navigating operational challenges within volatile markets.

Through a combination of streamlined digital solutions and expertise, we unravel complexity, empowering our clients to make decisions with clarity. In short, we give our customers a competitive edge, shaped by informed choices.

Over the years, we have channeled the forces of weather and nature and communicated its impact and implications on businesses and daily life.

Our primary goal is to enhance understanding and provide assistance during periods of change. We are architects of a more sustainable future, leading with purpose in every solution. For us it is more than just business; it is a legacy we are proud to build.

Trust lies at the heart of what we do; and in an increasingly volatile climate, we serve as a reliable partner delivering solutions and services with conviction.

We are dedicated to driving positive transformations across various industries, spanning from shipping to energy and beyond.

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Our Approach

Our solutions prioritize technological innovation, rigorous validation, and accurate analysis.

Whenever possible, we combine weather data with data from the client to provide advanced solutions for optimization and efficiency. Importantly, we connect the power of both AI and human expertise, striking the balance between fully automated and human-led solutions – safely and securely.

Our industry experts, experienced analysts, meterologists, developers and engineers are the direct route to solving any issue, and are accessible to you 24/7/365.

Our services are subject to the highest levels of quality control and supervision, and we are compliant with HSE industry standards and rules and regulations.

Whether on site or remotely, our people make the difference.

Where We Began

Since our beginnings in Bergen, Norway, in 1998, our company has expanded globally, with 26 offices and ten global operations centers, that run 24/7/365.

Over the past two decades, we have increased our global reach and acquired several companies to improve our offerings in various industries. Our most recent acquisition is Grupo Climatempo, Brazil’s leading private meteorological services company.

In 2021, we were acquired by Alfa Laval, a company with a 138-year history of growth and visionary innovation. Founded in 1883, Alfa Laval today has over 17,500 employees and is listed on Nasdaq OMX.

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Our Management

Kim Hedegaard Sørensen

Kim Hedegaard Sørensen

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Hedegaard Sørensen assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), at StormGeo in 2023.

With decades of leadership in the shipping industry, Kim brings invaluable insights and strategic vision to StormGeo. His journey to this leadership position is marked by significant accomplishments.

Prior to his current role, Kim led global operations and customer service as StormGeo’s Chief Operating Officer. His extensive experience also includes serving as the CEO of Nordics Nagel-Group, Group CEO of Blue Water Shipping, and Chief Commercial Officer in Europe for Panalpina. Additionally, he spent 17 years at the esteemed A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group.

Steffen Kraft

Steffen Kraft

Chief Financial Officer

In May 2024, Steffen Kraft assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at StormGeo.

His extensive career in business controlling and financial management spans over 25 years, primarily with Alfa Laval since 1998. Notably, since 2011, Steffen has been at the helm of overseeing business controlling and shared service functions for the Mid Europe Region (DACH).

Jostein Mælan

Jostein Mælan

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer at StormGeo, Jostein Mælan oversees all our industries' sales, business development, and commercial aspects.

Jostein joined StormGeo in 2007 and his formal meteorology and management background has contributed significantly to the company's growth.

At StormGeo, he collaborates with our experts and dynamic teams, working tirelessly to ensure that our technology excellence and deep weather understanding guides our customers safely and efficiently, amid a changing world and a harsher climate.

Julia Weiss

Julia Weiss

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Julia Weiss, leads our Marketing and Communications team. Appointed as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at StormGeo in November 2022, she draws upon her extensive experience in the energy industry to drive growth and foster innovation across sectors. With a robust background that encompasses senior positions at Rystad Energy and Volue, Julia exemplifies dynamic leadership. 

Julia embraces the impact of strategic marketing, purpose-driven communication, and cultural bonding to support StormGeo’s path into the future.

Anna Dahlen

Anna Dahlen

Chief HR Officer

Anna Dahlen, at the helm of our global HR team, is dedicated to nurturing talent across the company. Her focus extends to not only developing existing talents but also attracting fresh, innovative, and curious minds to join the StormGeo family.

Having joined StormGeo from Alfa Laval in 2022, Anna brings with her over 15 years of experience in talent management, organizational development, and employee relations. She has also held pivotal HR leadership roles in multinational industrial companies and even ventured into the dynamic world of tech start-ups.

Anna has a passion for people and firmly believes in diversity as the key to successful teams.

Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien

Chief Operations Officer

Since 2006, Michael O' Brien has been an integral part of the StormGeo family. He began by establishing the New York office and has since contributed significantly across various operational capacities in New York, California, and now Germany.

In 2023, assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at StormGeo, bringing with him three decades of diverse leadership and operational experience. His journey includes the following key milestones:

Vice President of Route Advisory Services where he spearheaded operational and customer teams dedicated to the Route Optimization division at StormGeo.

Rich Operational Background: where he held various positions from being a Deck Officer with Great Lakes Dredge and Dry Dock to serving as a Routing Operations Manager at Weathernews Inc and an Operational Lead at Bendix Marine Science/Allied Signal Aerospace.

Vice President of Product Development, where he played a pivotal role in establishing a new product organization within StormGeo, delivering valuable products and services to both internal and external stakeholders.

Michael's extensive background and commitment to StormGeo make him a valuable asset to our team.

Gard Hauge

Gard Hauge

Chief Technology Officer

Gard Hauge brings a strong background in technology and analytics to StormGeo, with a focus on how weather and data science impact both individuals and complex decision-making.

He has expertise navigating the intricacies of weather’s influence on operations and champions advanced services that safeguard critical functions.

Gard heads an agile team dedicated to expanding existing and future business areas, driving innovation and strategic growth.

Svenn Owe Haugland

Svenn Owe Haugland

Chief Product Officer

Svenn Owe Haugland leads our product team and is also the Managing Director of StormGeo AS. He brings a wealth of experience having held various management and board roles within the company.

With a decade-long tenure as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Managing Director of Seaware AB, and Vice President of Shipping, Svenn Owe is a visionary when it comes to strategic direction and product innovation. His forward-thinking approach on product innovation and strategic direction, drive StormGeo’s continued growth.

Patricia Diehl Madeira

Patricia Diehl Madeira

Chief Executive Officer- Climatempo

Patricia leads the StormGeo team in Brazil, operating under the esteemed brand Climatempo. With over 30 years of experience in the market, Patricia brings invaluable insights into the dynamic Brazilian landscape.

Her meteorological journey began as an operational meteorologist, honing her skills in weather forecasting. However, her passion for innovation led her to specialize in energy and energy transition. Today, Patricia’s unwavering commitment lies in driving market growth not only in Brazil but also across Latin America.

Her blend of expertise, approachability, and market acumen makes Patricia an invaluable asset to the industry.

Expanding Our Vision

In 1998, we created our first weather service for the growing hydroelectric power industry. We also reached into the broader oil and gas market, which relies heavily on accurate weather and sea forecasts to ensure safe operations. Over the years, StormGeo has continuously expanded its vision of weather communications, including new markets that similarly benefit from our services. In response to customer demand, we opened new offices and integrated acquired businesses to build on the global, 24/7 services we provide today.

In 2018, StormGeo was selected as a participant in the UN Global Compact, committing to ocean sustainability as a contributor to the Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business. As 75% of our work is done on the ocean, we are working to keep those waters clean. Our passion for weather and a protection of natural resources motivates us to support our clients in making informed, environmentally responsible business decisions. Each year, we route about 73,000 voyages. This has helped us contribute to saving 5+ million MT of fuel and reducing the emissions by 15+ million MT of CO₂ over a decade.

Our Values

Passion, Integrity, Bravery, and Innovation

We emphasize the importance of each employee feeling respected and trusted for their contributions. We encourage our team members to explore creative solutions without fear of failure. In today’s rapidly changing environment, challenges may arise unexpectedly, but we view them as opportunities to learn, adapt, innovate, and continually improve—for the benefit of our clients and the world at large.

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People With A Purpose

We encourage cross-functional collaboration, where tech enthusiasts, analysts, domain experts, seasoned professionals and visionaries converge to serve, support, and drive our clients to success.

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