Article - January 1, 2023

FAQs: Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting for Shipping

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What does StormGeo's Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting include?

Our Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting is a comprehensive, cutting-edge Tropical Forecast solution that constantly monitors all global tropical systems and any disturbances with the potential to develop into tropical cyclones. The platform and resulting forecasts are developed by our in-house tropical storm experts and meteorologists. Using the latest in computer modeling and leveraging decades of inhouse expertise, Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting provides accurate forecasts and analyses that can be crucial to both onshore and offshore businesses, including shipping.

What StormGeo products or services in shipping will be affected?

All StormGeo shipping services will now be using the same dataset from StormGeo's Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting, including s-Planners-Insight, and s-Routing.

Will the typhoon/hurricane forecast provided by Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting be different from the regional bureaus? 

Governmental agencies and regional bureaus issue advisories for a wide range of users and are limited to specific update hours as well as preferred weather model guidance in each region. They also typically have a national responsibility to trigger certain regional watches and warnings, Hence they will often need to adjust the forecast strength and extent of the systems to reach the alert levels they want to indicate in each region. The focus of most regional bureaus is on the protection of onshore life and property, with little focus given to maritime effects. Verifications have shown that many agencies have a tendency to overestimate wind radii, which leads to larger diversions than needed. With a keen focus on this aspect of the forecast, additional accuracy and resultant savings can be achieved.

Why not use the Governmental Forecasts?

Government forecasts are generally good quality and have been well suited to secure safe and efficient navigation at sea. In relation to forecast track (position and time), in most cases the StormGeo Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting and RSMC forecasts are well-aligned. However, some agencies are better than others, and our forecasts frequently out-perform the RSMC in these areas. Additionally, we have seen many instances where if we were to follow the wind radii guidance from the Governmental agencies, our recommendations would be too passive. With this change, we utilize a dataset that optimally services the vessels and reduces the risk of diverting longer distances than needed.

How does StormGeo integrate forecast information into their modelling and services?

Our Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting team uses much of the same data as the RSMC Intergovernmental Agencies to create our products and services, combining the latest in satellite and reconnaissance information with the most advanced computer modeling available today. With over a century of combined experience in forecasting tropical cyclones, our team then applies this data to what they’re observing in the atmosphere to predict development often days in advance of the official RSMC. They're then able to tailor the resulting advisories to the needs of the shipping industry.

Is it possible to speak locally to a StormGeo Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting expert to make important operational decisions?

Unfortunately, no. Unless you subscribe to a Hurricane & Typhoon Forecasting service from our Weather Insight division. However, our Route Analysts are always briefed on the latest developments and are available to communicate with the Master.