undefined - September 1, 2017

Campbell Shipping Company


Enters into contract with StormGeo


Campbell Shipping Company has entered into contract with the Shipping Division of StormGeo.

StormGeo is pleased to be working with Campbell Shipping Company Ltd. providing its onshore Fleet Performance solution as well as the on-board Bon Voyage System (BVS®).

According to Campbell Shipping Company LTD. Captain Venkat Kesav, Fleet HSEQ-Risk Manager/DPA, "In line with our philosophy of being employee focused and client driven, we at Campbell Shipping fully understand that our customers depend on us to deliver their cargo safely, and in the most economically and environmentally responsible way.”

Capt. Venkat Kesav added, “With the use of StormGeo’s FleetDSS Analytics and onboard BVS tools, our vessels are well-positioned to plan voyages safely and effectively. These tools provide our fleet with the key metrics for each vessel, allowing proactive management of fuel efficiency and vessel performance. BVS sends the latest weather and ocean current data direct to the ship, so our captains can make tactical decisions on the- go, determining the safest, most fuel-efficient route. This system also helps us to keep track of our vessels’ GPS positions and provides valuable communication between ship and shore, strengthening our ability to give onshore decision support.”

“Real-time big picture data and reporting from StormGeo will further allow our technical and commercial team to monitor fleet voyage performance, to critically compare and analyze all operating parameters with similar vessels, and to make actionable, data-driven decisions,” said Capt. Venkat Kesav.

Capt. Venkat Kesav concluded, “We believe that it is our duty to ensure that we preserve and protect the natural resources on this fragile planet that we all share. We want to ensure that man and machine are working in cohesion and delivering efficiency and value to our customers. In our efforts to lower our carbon footprint, these monitoring systems will help us continue to ensure compliance with MRV regulations to reduce CO2 emissions. With StormGeo’s FleetDSS Analytics and onboard BVS, we can enhance our fleet’s energy efficiency through optimized routing, along with speed and fuel consumption analysis. Using StormGeo’s advanced analytic tools, we can further improve our environmental performance by consistently planning for the safest, most fuel-efficient voyage."