Case - July 8, 2024

Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm advances the 2024 Installation Campaign with StormGeo’s support

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The Yunlin OWF project team maximized every feasible weather window to progress installation activities in 2023, achieving significant milestones. By year end, they accomplished installation levels of 34 out of 80 wind turbine generators, along with 45 monopile foundations, 26 inner array grids, 12 export cables. During the installation, StormGeo, a leading weather intelligence provider, offered comprehensive weather forecasting services, including information on wind, waves, lightning, and tropical cyclones. These MetOcean solutions not only ensured effective installations, but also prioritized the safety of the on-site workforce. 

“We have relied on StormGeo for weather intelligence in the Yunlin OWF Project. Their reliable forecasts and expertise enable us to make timely and informed decisions for on-site construction. Additionally, it helps us safeguard our staff and assets, particularly during the annual typhoon season,” says Mario Zimmermann, Project Manager for Marine Operations at Skyborn Renewables.

The distinctive weather pattern in the Asia-Pacific region presents significant challenges for offshore wind development and operations. For instance, during the monsoon seasons, regions in Asia Pacific encounter heavy rainfall, strong winds, and rough seas. All these weather conditions are unfavorable for various types of offshore wind operations. StormGeo offers a web portal with the latest and future weather insights, enabling the Yunlin OWF project team to plan and make actionable decisions effectively. 

“StormGeo is delighted to be involved in such a meaningful project in Taiwan. Leveraging our extensive experience in providing weather intelligence to support over 200 offshore wind farms globally, along with our local experts in the region, we are committed to continuously offering professional advice on weather risk and optimal weather windows,” says Anna Hilden, Global Industry Manager for Offshore Wind at StormGeo.

The Yunlin OWF project is a key priority for Skyborn Renewables and its partners in Yunneng, TotalEnergies, Electricity Generating Public Company Ltd. (EGCO) and Sojitz Corporation (Sojitz). Once completed, the 640 MW project will be one of the largest offshore wind farms in Taiwan, producing enough clean energy to serve the energy needs of more than 600,000 Taiwanese households.

The Yunlin OWF project is located in the Taiwan Strait, between 8 and 17 kilometers off the west coast of Taiwan, in water depths ranging from 7 to 35 meters. The 82 km² project area consists of 80 wind turbine generators whose generated electricity is fed into the Taiwanese power grid via two onshore substations near the townships of Taixi and Sihu in Yunlin County. It is the goal of the Yunlin OWF project team to push the project toward commercial operation, working closely with all stakeholders, including StormGeo.

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