Case - December 6, 2023

StormGeo Power Price Analyses Featured on Norwegian TV2

Power lines

StormGeo [Nena] is featured weekly on Norwegian television as the broadcaster TV 2 includes Norwegian area power price analyses in their national weather forecasts.

Building on their existing weather data subscription from StormGeo, the Norwegian free-to-air television network TV 2 now adds power price analyses to the mix, enabling them to share accurate and up-to-date electricity price developments in their morning show every Tuesday.

“There is a massive interest in electricity price developments among the Norwegian general public,” said Eli Kari Gjengedal, weather anchor at TV 2. “By combining weather forecasts with accurate power price prognoses, we can engage with our audiences in new ways, creating awareness of how the weather influences electricity prices and helping to make sense of ever-changing price developments.”

The expanded partnership with TV 2 marks the continuation of a novel combination of media and energy services from StormGeo, following a similar crossover delivery for Swedish national television. 

“We see an increasing number of media outlets and television networks taking an interest in the combination of weather forecasts and power price prognoses – two areas in which StormGeo sports decades of experience,” said Arve Dahl Nielsen, Senior VP of Onshore Europe at StormGeo. “We are proud to leverage our experience of providing services to the media industry and in-depth knowledge of energy markets to support TV 2 in their efforts to communicate accurate electricity price developments across Norway.”

Nordic area power price analyses have been delivered to TV 2 by StormGeo’s analysts in Oslo, Norway, since December 2022.