Case - November 30, 2022

StormGeo’s Power Price Prognoses on Swedish National Television

power lines

The Swedish free-to-air television network TV4 adds StormGeo's power price prognoses to their existing media services subscription, enabling them to include electricity price developments in their morning show weather forecasts.

“Accurate and understandable information on electricity price developments is highly sought-after by our viewers,” said Madeleine Westin, head of the weather department and senior broadcast meteorologist at TV4. “The combination of weather forecasts and StormGeo’s price prognoses has struck a chord with our audiences, making it the most popular part of our morning talk show.”

TV4 now has access to power price prognoses for all four Swedish price areas, in addition to the existing delivery of weather data from StormGeo. This combination of power price prognoses and weather forecasts marks an important milestone for StormGeo, being its first crossover delivery of media and energy services.

“StormGeo has served media outlets since our inception, providing weather data and forecasts for some of the leading television networks in the Nordics,” said Arve Dahl Nielsen, Senior VP of Onshore Europe at StormGeo. “Combining our experience working in the media industry with our deep understanding of the energy markets, we can provide TV4 with unparalleled insights into how the weather impacts electricity prices. We are excited to support a leading Nordic television network in making electricity price developments more understandable for the general public.”

Power price prognoses for TV4 are delivered by StormGeo’s analysts in Oslo, Norway.

StormGeo Power prognose on Swedish TV