News - March 9, 2023

StormGeo partners with 7Analytics to launch a high-resolution real-time flood modeling solution

Flooded street

This integration will help manage flood risks and streamline operational work in the Houston area, with further extension into other regions.

StormGeo, the global leader in weather intelligence and decision support solutions, has announced the integration of its advanced Vortex solution with 7Analytics for real-time flood forecasting. This integration will help manage flood risks and streamline operational work in the Houston area, with further extension into other regions soon.

Flood modelling

Houston, known for its energy, manufacturing, and aerospace industry, has experienced severe flooding events in the past. The city is prone to flash floods, riverine flooding, and coastal flooding, making it essential to have a reliable flood modeling solution to maintain risks and manage operational work.

"Flood modeling is a new and necessary tool that depicts the most critical flood threats according to a number of factors, including land use and drainage basins. This allows for business continuity professionals and emergency managers to properly determine the risk of any flooding, allowing for the proper response plans and mitigating actions to be developed," said Houston-based Derek Ortt, Senior Tropical Meteorologist and Business Continuity Manager at StormGeo.

7Analytics uses AI and advanced machine learning techniques to calculate current surface water and predict how a flood will unfold, showing exactly where water is likely to accumulate based on various environmental factors. The integration of StormGeo's Vortex solution with 7Analytics will provide Houston with high-resolution real-time flood analysis and predictions, allowing stakeholders to make better-informed decisions during flood events.

"Our product takes a real-time StormGeo weather forecast — for example, the risk of rainfall tomorrow — and translates it into actionable risk info, such as their site is at risk of up to a foot of flooding tomorrow with peak flood occurring at 2pm," explained Jonas Toland, 7Analytics co-founder. "This information can be used to inform them whether their staff will be able to use the parking lot, reroute supply trucks, or shut down / adjust critical operations."

With StormGeo and 7Analytics integration, it is now possible to:

  • Forecast the probability of flash flooding in each subbasin.
  • Forecast at specific client buildings the maximum inundation expected near their building, in their parking lots, and nearby roadways.
  • Plan operations based on a 72-hr. forecast about detailed flood depth for expected and heavy rainfall both for flash floods and major channel flooding.
  • View obstructed roadways, as well as check the entire portfolio to allow risk ranking and a focused preparation or mitigation effort.

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