Article - February 26, 2018

Optimizing wind farm operations with accurate weather forecasts

Anna Hilden

Anna Hilden

Global Industry Manager Offshore Wind, Ringkøbing

Wind farm at sea

Impacts of severe weather on complex offshore wind operations

StormGeo is very privileged to have Anna Hilden as our Global Industry Manager for Offshore Wind. With decades of experience in the Offshore Wind industry, combined with a meteorological background, Anna is our go-to person to clarify common questions we receive about the renewables industry.

Here are the top 3 questions we receive about how the weather influences offshore wind farms, as well as how operators can benefit from accurate weather forecasting.

Optimizing wind farm operations with accurate weather forecasts:

  1. Read how much impact does weather have on an offshore wind farm – and what can StormGeo do to optimize operations?
  2. Learn in what ways can an understanding of weather influences help wind farm operators to minimize costs and increase revenue?
  3. Understand how can StormGeo’s weather decision support improve safety and reduce risk for wind farm owners and operators?