Article - September 22, 2022

Hurricane Forecasting Solution

Palm trees in hurricane

Will Disturbance 35 become Hermine in the Gulf? Forecasts indicate the possibility. 

Disturbance 35 Advisory Forecast
Thursday, September 22, 2022


StormGeo's tropical meteorologists are tracking Disturbance 35. In Thursday afternoon's advisory forecast video, Chris Hebert explains why StormGeo is forecasting Disturbance 35 to track into the Gulf, eventually being named Hermine, and impact the Gulf coast of Florida next week. 

Interested in learning how StormGeo's meteorologists can help you make sense of the forecast for your specific business locations? Learn more about our Hurricane Forecasting solution below. You might even be eligible for a free demo of our services. 

Site-Specific Forecasts:

Protect your facilities, assets, and employees with tropical monitoring and alerts detailed down to the specific GPS coordinates for all your critical assets.

24/7 Meteorologists

StormGeo’s expert meteorologists are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, to help you interpret the forecast – giving you the confidence to make critical, timely, and safe business decisions.

Meteorologists conference call

Power Outage Tool

Based on outage data for almost 140 million electric utility companies, StormGeo’s Power Outage Tool visualizes all current power outages across the U.S. at county and state levels.

power outage percentages

Trigger Reports

The Timeline Trigger Report connects StormGeo’s accurate hurricane forecasts with your response plan, giving you objective triggers to execute the best mitigating actions at the right time.

Experience StormGeo Hurricane Forecasting for Yourself

When a hurricane threatens to impact your organization, it can be difficult to decide when and how your team should respond. To protect your facilities, assets, and employees, you need accurate, timely, and location-specific forecasts.

Start your 2-week demo – and experience StormGeo’s unrivaled hurricane forecasting solution.

What to expect:

Access to StormGeo’s Vortex portal for 2-weeks to get:

  • Detailed forecasts on active tropical systems, including extended 7-day forecast, Hurricane Severity Index (HSI), probability of wind impacts, probabilistic TRAC, and expected impacts
  • Wind Profile Generator down to specific GPS coordinates
  • Interactive map with animated radar, forecast layers for wind speed, wind radii and rainfall amounts, and current power outages by county.
  • Planning forecasts
  • Detailed forecast videos, including Atlantic Daily Briefing and Storm Advisory videos

StormGeo's Hurricane Decision Guidance Tools

Storm Advisories and Daily Briefings

StormGeo generates its own tropical storm forecasts every 6 hours (the only private weather company to do so). Advisories are issued 58 hours earlier than public sources on average and feature extended forecasts out to 7 days.

Hurricane Severity Index (HSI)

Developed by StormGeo meteorologists, HSI considers not only the maximum wind speed but also the size of the wind field, giving you a clearer picture of the damage potential of any tropical storm.

Threatened Regions from Active Cyclones (TRAC)

StormGeo’s probabilistic forecast combines multiple storm models into one view to provide a 7-day probability of whether a storm will pass through your business locations.

StormGeo’s Hurricane and Typhoon forecasts are trusted by some of the largest companies across all industries

"Good data drives good decisions". When it comes to providing good meteorological data to aid in the decision-making process, few are better than StormGeo. Many in our region were deeply appreciative of the relationships we had built with StormGeo and their incredible team as we faced the historic flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey."

James A. Mitchell - MBA, MBCP
Vice President - Corporate Integrations, Continuity & PMO at Traditions Health

“We rely extensively on StormGeo’s platform to guide us on different meteorological aspects that enable us to take proactive steps to mitigate risks. Your inputs on the track itself and its forewarnings along with specific site rainfall approximation have been integral in our products to leadership.”

Vasudha Upadhyay
Joint Security Intelligence Center (JSIC), Cognizant