News - November 11, 2021

Specific Weather Forecasting Service for the Construction Industry

Skarvberg Tunnel

Skanska and StormGeo have entered into a collaboration to develop a project-specific weather forecasting service for the Construction Industry.

In this way, Skanska will ensure even safer operations on their construction sites. The film is made by Skanska produced for Skanska and StormGeo.

"What we know about the weather determines how prepared we can be when planning and securing our work. This is why we have decided to collaborate with StormGeo and develop a special weather forecasting service for the construction industry."

Marianne Åvik Bråten 

"For us on this project, it's worth its weight in gold. There's very unique weather here, and StormGeo gives a weather forecast that's specific to us."

Camilla Stensbye

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