Case - April 21, 2021

StormGeo and Skanska Join Forces to Enhance Construction Safety Across Norway

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In this exciting collaboration, the Norwegian branch of Skanska, a global leader in project development and construction, reveals their strategic move to enhance safety across construction sites.

By harnessing a customized weather portal provided by StormGeo, Skanska aims to revolutionize how they navigate weather challenges during their ambitious projects.

In response to several close calls in recent years, Skanska recognized the critical need for a weather forecasting service tailored to their construction processes. Peer Christian Andersen, Director for H&S at Skanska Norway, explained, “While we’ve explored various online services and apps, such as YR, and tested specialized alternatives, they often lack the reliability we require. That’s why, in 2020, we engaged in discussions with StormGeo to create a solution that truly aligns with our needs.”

Andersen added, “Having trialed different functionalities across various projects, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with StormGeo—a partnership aimed at developing a weather portal specifically designed for our building and construction endeavors.

Andersen continued, “After testing various functionalities on a selection of projects, we have now entered into a collaboration to develop a solution with StormGeo for our building and construction projects.”

Together StormGeo and Skanska are building upon StormGeo's digital weather platform to develop a weather portal for Skanska’s various projects. Skanska’s main priorities are that the portal will:

  • Give 7-day notice on a set of weather parameters including wind, gust, precipitation, and temperature.
  • Set up alerts as SMS to an unlimited number of individuals and added to info screens for production planning and implementation of preventive security measures. “We believe these custom alerts to have inherent safety benefits,” said Andersen.
  • Include a dashboard solution where specific time windows are given for safe construction activities such as casting, painting, crane operations and drone flying.

“We have high expectations for this solution and look forward to developing and testing this in full on projects across Norway.” said Andersen

Arve Dahl Nielsen, Senior VP of Energy Markets for StormGeo, added, “With our experience delivering weather forecasting services to the U.S. construction industry and global offshore operations, it was a good fit for us to develop a weather portal with custom criteria and alerts based on the needs of Skanska’s various projects. We look forward to working closely with Skanska and supporting their vision to build for a better society.”

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