Article - March 1, 2021

s-Suite: StormGeo's One-Stop Integrated Shipping Solution

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Kaushik Seal, Marketing Development Manager at StormGeo Singapore

  • Topic: s-Suite - StormGeo's One-Stop Integrated Shipping Solution
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TECHNOLOGY IN MARITIME (TIM) Global Conference and Networking Meet 2021 is a virtual forum for maritime professionals around the world to contribute ideas, share experiences and a vision for the new technologically-driven maritime world order ahead.

TIM offers a wide range of opportunities to speakers, service providers and applicators of new and existing technology to reach new markets and broaden their scope and profitability through networking with global leaders and industry professionals.

Hear from our StormGeo shipping team at TIM.

Mr. Kaushik Seal, Market Development Manager of StormGeo Singapore, presented StormGeo's biggest addition to maritime technology, s-Suite, the one-stop integrated shipping solution.

Watch the on-demand recording of his presentation above. 

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