News - March 7, 2023

StormGeo Offers CII Solutions to Support Charterers for CII BIMCO Clauses

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Bergen, Norway, 7 March 2023 – StormGeo, a leading provider of weather intelligence and decision-support solutions for the shipping industry and part of Alfa Laval, announced today the launch of a new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Simulator for Charterer. The new tool provides a quick and easy way for time charterers to simulate the end-of-voyage CII values and ratings. This is based on the vessel's status before the voyage to assure charter party (C/P) compliance for CII BIMCO clauses.

CII simulator for Charterer dashboard

According to the CII Operations Clause for Time Charter Parties by BIMCO, both the owner and charterer require working together to achieve the best possible operational efficiency on the vessel towards compliance with CII. Furthermore, BIMCO recommends the owner and charterer agree on a specific CII to be achieved each year.

By leveraging the charterer’s obligation on CII compliance, the new tool can help charterers to assess the impact of CO2 emissions along a planned route to determine the optimal speed and consumption based on the latest weather forecast that fits both the operational requirements and the obligation from the charter party in terms of the CII.

Dr. Thomas Weber, Director of Fleet Performance Products at StormGeo, says, “We aim to provide a simple tool that helps charterers to tackle the challenges imposed by the CII BIMCO clauses. StormGeo’s CII Simulator for Charterer does not require a complicated setup or too much data. Once you have the underlying details for the CII before the voyage, then you can run the CII simulation.”

Charterers can subscribe to StormGeo’s s-Insight | Environmental Performance module to unlock the full capabilities of StormGeo’s CII Simulators. Charterers can not only simulate the impact of the voyage on the CII but also track their vessels’ estimated CII and attained CII. These insights provide the charterer with more confidence to implement different operational strategies during the chartering period.
Jostein Mælan, Chief Commercial Officer at StormGeo, says, “The beauty of the CII solution is to provide a platform for data transparency and visualization so that the owner and charterer can develop a closer collaboration toward tightening emission regulation in the future. Either owner or charterer can incorporate different CII tools to achieve their objectives from CII compliance to decarbonization.”


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Thomas Weber
Director of Fleet Performance Products

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Julia Weiss
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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