News - October 6, 2020

StormGeo launches s-Suite, the complete, one-stop solution for shipping companies

Shipping through calm seas

s-Suite delivers cost efficiencies by optimizing time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational safety and environmental compliance.

StormGeo today launched s-Suite, an innovative software and services suite for shipping customers. s-Suite includes Voyage Planning, Onboard Route Optimization, Route Advisory Services and Fleet Performance Management, now combined onto a complete, one-stop solution, and offered by one company. This flexible solution can be used together or as individual modules.

s-Suite delivers an all-in-one, optimized workflow where ship and shore have a common operational platform. This promotes cooperation and faster decision making based on real-time data sharing to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance. StormGeo is the only company to offer the shipping industry a complete, in-house solution coupled with the competence of maritime experts in route advisory and fleet performance management. s-Suite is hardware independent and works with all third-party solutions.

“s-Suite’s complete solution gives our clients the advantage of improved efficiency and collaboration by connecting ship and shore, ensuring faster decisions so vessels save time and fuel while maximizing the vessel’s performance,” said Kim Sørensen, StormGeo Chief Operating Officer for Shipping. “This solution is for shipping companies of all sizes, enabling them to reduce fuel costs and emissions with simple, easy to use tools that can be installed overnight. The s-Suite is supported by maritime experts in our Fleet Performance Centers, so clients can benefit from real-time advice, data accuracy and in-depth analysis, ensuring optimal vessel performance.” 

According to Captain Christian Stefes, Head of Dry Cargo at Hartmann Schiffahrts, “We constantly seek to reduce costs and emissions, and we needed more than software. It is imperative that our shore-based operators connect with the vessel, trusting the accuracy of the data they use. That’s why we rely on s-Suite and StormGeo’s experts. We now have the easy-to-use tools we need and actionable data to make the right decision at the right time.”

The three s-Suite modules include s-Planner, s-Insight and s-Routing.

About StormGeo

StormGeo is a global provider of weather intelligence and decision support services, with leading solutions for shipping, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, cross industries and aviation. More than 12,000 ships rely on StormGeo software or services for navigational planning, route optimization, weather routing and fleet performance. The company has 24 offices in 15 countries, including eight 24/7/365 global operations centers. As a participant in the UN Global Compact for Sustainable Ocean Business, StormGeo’s passion for weather and the protection of natural resources motivates us to support our clients to make informed, environmentally responsible business decisions. For more information, visit www.stormgeo.com.