Case - November 28, 2017

Monitoring Vessel Performance for Cara Shipping PTE. LTD.

Ship from coastline

For Cara Shipping Pte. Ltd., a large-scale dry bulk shipping owner-operator in Singapore, continuously monitoring vessel performance is crucial to ensuring the safety and efficiency of their fleet.

The Challenge

Based in Singapore and founded in 2009, Cara Shipping Pte. Ltd. is a continually expanding dry bulk shipping owner-operator. The company commercially manages and operates a fleet of more than 10 large dry bulk carriers, ranging from Capesize, Kamsarmax to Panamax, and has a total dry bulk transportation capacity of over 2 million deadweight tons.

As ship owners arranging and managing the transportation of freight and cargo, Cara Shipping Pte. Ltd. wanted to find a way to ensure a successful and efficient voyage for their vessels. The company needed to find a reliable and accurate way to monitor the performance of their fleet in order to reduce risk, and minimize cases of overconsumption and loss of speed.

In addition, the company wanted to ensure that they consistently meet charterer’s terms for the voyage. Furthermore, if claims for overconsumption and speed loss occur, the company would be met with significant costs and an increased workload in handling the claims.


When choosing a service provider, Cara Shipping were seeking a reputable company who could provide detailed and accurate voyage analysis, including speed and consumption data.

“We were looking to choose a well known weather route provider who understands our needs and provides good customer service. It was important for us that their reports and analyses would be accepted by charterers and/or operators,” said the Shipping Operations Manager at Cara Shipping Pte. Ltd.


In partnering with StormGeo, Cara Shipping Pte. Ltd. can now ensure that it has a full overview of their fleet performance, including while a voyage is underway. The company uses StormGeo’s decision support system which provides a dynamic fleet map, speed and consumption graphs, and consumption analysis, as well as creating detailed voyage analysis reports.

“StormGeo is a well respected weather routine service provider that offers us a highly user-friendly monitoring system at a reasonable price,” said the Manager. StormGeo’s vessel monitoring systems enables Cara Shipping to have oversight and control over the performance of their fleet in real time. Furthermore, the company can now take immediate action when vessels are underperforming, as opposed to waiting until the voyage has already been completed and potentially dealing with charterer claims.

StormGeo’s FleetDSS-Perfomance helps Cara Shipping as owners to optimize their vessel’s commercial performance, enabling them to support or defend claims. Along with End of Voyage Reports, the system creates customized Analysis Reports for the vessel’s voyage. StormGeo has also provided tools that provide details of the current voyage, with information such as ETA, consumption and comprehensive voyage alarms.

“In addition, the StormGeo team has been to the office on multiple occasions for training, taking the initiative to teach the operators on what to pay close attention to in the system, and how to get the most out of the FleetDSS-Performance tool,” added the Manager.


In partnering with StormGeo, Cara Shipping Pte. Ltd. has gained valuable insight into weather influences along with a detailed voyage analysis, allowing them to optimize the safety and efficiency of their operations.

StormGeo’s detailed daily performance reports and weather graphs help Cara Shipping to make sure that their vessels are performing as per charter party terms, allowing them to make informed, actionable adjustments to avoid issues such as speed loss or overconsumption.

“We can now closely monitor the performance of our fleet, and instruct the ship master to make adjustments according to the monitor result. This helps us to avoid charterer’s claims as much as possible,” said the Manager, “and we have saved money on claims ever since we started using StormGeo’s FleetDSS-Performance tool.”