Weather Resources

An accurate weather forecast is only one component of a robust business continuity plan. StormGeo has prepared these resources to help you protect your business from the risks of weather disasters.

Hurricane from space

Prepare Your Business for Weather Disruption

Severe weather is the major cause of business disruption globally. Businesses need an actionable plan to maintain business continuity when faced with the hazardous conditions produced by thunderstorms and lightning, hurricanes and typhoons, tornadoes, large hail, strong winds, heavy rains leading to flooding and freezing rain, sleet and snow associated with winter storms.

StormGeo provides actionable weather data and business decision guidance to help you plan around the weather.

Identify Weather Risks to Your Business

Some weather risks, such as hurricanes, are an obvious threat. However, many organizations are missing out on opportunities to increase safety, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency by considering other possible weather threats.

StormGeo recommends all companies regularly conduct a vulnerability assessment for their physical assets to highlight their total exposure to weather-related risks. Weather risks to an area can change over time. A vulnerability assessment, hand in hand with our weather forecasting services and risk assessment tools, ensures that your company’s disaster response plan covers all weather risks.

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