Suez Canal Transit

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Suez Canel solutions package, enabling smooth transits

The Suez Canal is a lifeline for global trade, and with StormGeo's Suez Canal Transit Package, you can navigate its waters with confidence and peace of mind. Minimize disruptions, maximize efficiency, and prioritize crew safety with StormGeo's weather intelligence.

Receive valuable insights with our comprehensive forecasts for six crucial locations on the Suez Canal. From Port Said to the Suez Bay entrance, we cover it all, empowering you with the information needed to plan and execute your transit efficiently.

Key Benefits of Suez Canal Transit Forecast

  •  Detailed 7-day ahead weather forecasts for 6 locations in the Suez Canal​:
    - Port Said​
    - 20 km from Port Said​
    - Al Ismailiya​
    - Great Bitter Lake
    - Little Bitter lake​
    - Suez Bay entrance to the canal​

  • Quality checked by experienced meteorologists​

  • Presented in visually animated, graphical, and tabular formats​

  • Customizable to include operation-specific weather thresholds​
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