News - April 28, 2020

Complimentary Weather Monitoring & Alerts to COVID-19 Mobile Testing Centers in Texas

IV in hospital corridor

StormGeo, a leading global provider of advanced weather intelligence and decision support services, is expanding its support of hospitals, health agencies and local governments fighting the COVID-19 pandemic from Houston to the entire state of Texas. To protect healthcare workers and first responders, the company will provide free severe weather monitoring and alerts to hospitals and agencies with temporary and mobile structures built to test and treat COVID-19.

StormGeo’s specialized COVID-19 Temporary Testing Site support includes access to the StormGeo Vortex portal and alerts sent via email. For all temporary locations monitored, the service provides color-coded risk threat levels, lightning alerts, wind speed alerts, and customizable tabular forecasts. Tabular forecasts show temperature and heat indexes over multiple hours and days, sending an alert when there is a risk that temperatures will exceed customizable parameters.

Temporary structures are more sensitive to minor weather events, which have lower alert thresholds. Wind, lightning and thunderstorm events can pose an even greater threat to life and equipment when utilizing these structures. As the U.S. moves deeper into spring and summer, high temperatures will continue to affect workers and volunteers wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). StormGeo currently monitors approximately 100,000 locations across the U.S. daily in a wide range of industries, including healthcare and local government, and understands the unique challenges and safety concerns posed by temporary structures.

“The condition alerts, wind, and lightning notifications provided by StormGeo have been very helpful, and have given the first responders confidence in the situational awareness information being sent,” said Byron Oujesky, PMP, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator with the City of Houston and Houston Public Works.

Hospitals, health and government agencies in Texas can register for StormGeo’s complimentary COVID-19 Temporary Testing Site support at www.stormgeo.com/covid-19.

“COVID-19 already poses challenges to keeping healthcare workers and emergency responders safe and healthy. StormGeo aims to give those conducting tests or treating patients in temporary structures the peace of mind that their locations are safe from severe and sudden weather events,” said Henk Grouls, StormGeo Managing Director and Global VP of Terra.

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