Case - December 14, 2021

How Mercedes-Benz U.S. uses timely, accurate forecasts to maintain safe operations

Car manufacturing plant

The decision of whether or not to shut down operations because of severe weather impacts is not taken lightly at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. plant in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The manufacturing plant sits on 966 acres and is considered the center of the automotive industry in Alabama. As a “just-in-time” facility, weather disruptions impact more than 20,000 people involved in its supply chain.

The Challenge

Lost production, asset protection and supply chain disruption are just a few reasons why MBUSI’s management team have been turning to StormGeo since 2007 for hour-by-hour weather monitoring and alerting supported by live meteorologists and the latest technology.

“We base our decisions to evacuate or stop production on team members’ safety,” said Cicero Bevelle, Safety Specialist for MBUSI. “We have a higher frequency for tornadoes than in other parts of the state, so we’re all ears when the forecasts from StormGeo mention severe weather with tornadic activity. In addition, winter weather is incredibly challenging for us because we’re taking into consideration transit time for employees in a 75-mile radius as well as members of our supply chain.”

"There are a lot of outlets for weather out there - across smartphones, television, and radio. But they speak in such general terms. If you want to be specific about the impact to your area, you need a more focused look. For another facility of our size, this is the service for you."

Cicero Bevelle
Safety Specialist, MBUSI

Automotive manufacturing

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