Under the Weather:
Disaster Preparedness Guide for Hospitals

Our disaster preparedness guide provides comprehensive strategies for healthcare facilities and hospitals to navigate weather-related impacts. 

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Emergency managers have one of the toughest jobs in healthcare administration.

When tornadoes hit and hurricanes make landfall, it’s the emergency managers who coordinate responses and pick up the pieces once the worst is over.

In the face of severe weather events, healthcare facilities are often the last line of defense, providing critical services to those in need. However, these facilities themselves must be well-prepared to withstand the onslaught of such events. This guide aims to help your emergency management team prepare your healthcare facility for severe weather events.

This guide will help your emergency management team prepare your healthcare facility for severe weather events with:

  • Ways to overcome the 4 most common causes of disaster unpreparedness
  • Solutions to the 5 major challenges emergency planners face
  • Benefits of working with professional weather team
  • Disaster preparedness checklist

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