2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Webinar

Join us on May 16th for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook webinar presented by Chris Hebert, Lead Tropical Forecaster. Dive into the heart of storm prediction and gain insights into what the season might hold.


2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Webinar




Hurricane Irma

The 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Webinar presented by Chris Hebert, our lead tropical forecaster will provide a comprehensive outlook on the upcoming hurricane season. A key focus will be on the El Niño/La Niña transition and water temperatures in the Atlantic basin. We will also delve into the risk areas most likely to be impacted in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast.

What you will learn:

  • How the El Niño to La Niña transition affects storm probability
  • How using analog seasons can help forecast the upcoming season
  • How water temperatures can give us insight into the number of storms
  • Which areas are most at risk for tropical weather impacts in 2024