(On-Demand) Energy & Power Day 2023

Explore our on-demand event recording for in-depth energy insights, emphasizing factors shaping the energy and power markets, from extreme weather and climate change to geopolitical challenges and cutting-edge technologies.


(On-Demand) Energy & Power Day 2023




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StormGeo Energy & Power Day 2023

The global and European energy landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, compelling energy providers to respond swiftly to the challenges arising from ambitious growth targets while ensuring sustainable practices.

At Energy and Power Day hosted on November 2, 2023, our distinguished speakers and experts delved into profound insights, shedding light on the current forces that influence and mold the energy and power markets. These encompass not only extreme weather and climate change but also extend to geopolitical challenges and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Content of the recording:

  • Macro Presentations: Volatility and the Future Transformation of the Energy Industry. Lars Eirik Nicolaisen (Rystad Energy) and Sigbjørn Seland (StormGeo Nena)
  • Panel: Climate Change Affecting Weather Patterns – Implications for the Industry. Panelists: Eli Wærum Rognerud (Innovation Norway), Helge Jørgesen (7Analytics), Geir Ramnefjell (Deep Wind Offshore), Jostein Mælan (StormGeo)
  • Presentation: Fostering Sustainability through Smart Data Analysis. Nina Winther-Kaland (StormGeo).

Meet Our Experts

Eli Waerum Rognerud

Eli Wærum Rognerud

Head of Strategic Export Priorities, Innovation Norway

Eli Rognerud is an energy transition specialist and head of strategic export priorities at Innovation Norway, including offshore wind, green maritime transport, hydrogen and CCUS. She was previously Head of export at Innovation Norway France, and has background from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and as Head of the Petroleum Programme at the Office of the Auditor General. In earlier career, she worked on disaster and conflict prevention and response in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She holds an MA in Development policy and an Executive MBA with Energy Specialisation from the Norwegian Business School BI.

Sigbjørn Seland

Sigbjørn Seland

Chief Analyst, StormGeo Analytics

Sigbjørn has over 30 years experience in energy and power markets. With a Master of Science, Finance from NHH Bergen/University of Mannheim Germany, he is a former trader at Drammen Kraft AS.

Nina Winther-Kaland

Nina Winther-Kaland

Director Data Science, StormGeo

Nina Winther-Kaland joined StormGeo in 2007. Nina holds a PhD degree in Physical Oceanography. She is specialized in numerical modeling of ocean currents and waves, and has expertise in all aspects of operational oceanography. Her operational role in StormGeo is Research Manager and she has previously been working as Senior Scientist in StormGeo.

Geir Ramnefjell

Geir Ramnefjell

Head of Governmental Affairs, Deep Wind Offshore

Geir Ramnefjell is Head of Governmental Affairs for the offshore wind developer Deep Wind Offshore, with headquarters in Haugesund. He joined Deep Wind Offshore this spring, coming from the position as commentator and political editor in the newspaper Dagbladet where his special field of interest was climate and green transition.

Helge Jorgesen

Helge Jørgesen

Co-founder and CEO, 7Analytics

Helge, a dedicated geologist, is the co-founder and CEO of 7analytics, a rapidly growing climate-tech startup established just three years ago. The company is on a clear mission - to mitigate and adapt to impacts of climate change on urban areas. 7A’s innovative tools empower’ s cities to proactively adapt now to a rapidly changing climate.

Ingvild Havardstun Kjorrefjord

Ingvild Håvardstun Kjørrefjord

Head of Innovation, StormGeo

Ingvild Håvardstun Kjørrefjord, the Head of Innovation at StormGeo since 2021, brings extensive global experience in strategy and business transformation. She has a deep understanding of soft funding from both Norwegian and EU schemes and is committed to fostering sustainable growth through innovation. Ingvild is known for her unconventional approach and encourages others to step out of their comfort zones by taking a weekly plunge into the sea every Friday at 12 PM in Bergen, Norway. She is also a mental health advocate and serves as a board member.

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

Deputy-CEO and Senior Partner, Rystad Energy

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen has been with Rystad Energy since 2008 and is currently deputy-CEO and Senior Partner, residing in Oslo, Norway. He holds an M.Sc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has wide experience as an advisor in facilitating for strategy processes with stakeholders in the energy industry including energy companies, suppliers and investors/banks. Lars Eirik has a particular foothold in the offshore Oil & Gas industry and hereunder a core client base amongst the offshore drillers. Lars Eirik is a seasoned speaker and represents the firm on a wide array of industrial topics at external events.

Jostein Mælan

Jostein Mælan

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer at StormGeo, Jostein Mælan oversees all our industries' sales, business development, and commercial aspects.

Jostein joined StormGeo in 2007 and his formal meteorology and management background has contributed significantly to the company's growth.

At StormGeo, he collaborates with our experts and dynamic teams, working tirelessly to ensure that our technology excellence and deep weather understanding guides our customers safely and efficiently, amid a changing world and a harsher climate.