(On-demand) How To Build An Efficient EUA Strategy


(On-demand) How To Build An Efficient EUA Strategy




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Join us online to discover how to build an efficient European Union Allowance (EUA) strategy by getting answers to questions like:

  • What the carbon market characteristics are?
  • How the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS is structured?
  • How will the carbon market prices be affected in 2024?
  • What are some critical aspects you need to consider when developing an EUA strategy?
  • Practical tips on acquiring EUAs, and many more!

The webinar will be delivered in two separate 40' sessions, to include most time zones. 

Not sure if you can make it online?

We've got you covered; you can still register and a recording will be sent to you via email, to watch at your convenience.


Sigbjørn Seland

Chief Analyst, StormGeo Nena

Sigbjørn has a Master of Science, Finance from NHH Bergen/University of Mannheim Germany, and is a former trader at Drammen Kraft AS.

He is the Chief Analyst at StormGeo Nena.

Sigbjørn Seland

Sigurd P. Lie

Senior Analyst, StormGeo Nena

Sigurd Lie