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The Future of Power: The road to a carbon neutral society Recordings

On June 4, 2024, the energy market forecasting & analytics team delivered an insightful webinar.

What we delivered insights on:

  • The long-run marginal costs associated with renewable power production, energy storage, hydrogen production, and hydrogen-fired power plants. 
  • Perspectives on the EUA market and propose an alternative CO2 price that is better aligned with Europe's goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050. 
  • How technologies such as hydrogen and other Power-to-X will play an increasingly significant role in the power markets. 
  • How long-term consumption growth will be dampened by rising power prices, which must eventually be high enough for investments in new power generation to achieve satisfactory profitability. 
  • The growth of offshore wind power due to government subsidies, and the need to operate without these in the long run.

Sigbjorn Seland & Sigurd Seland present insights into the road towards a carbon neutal society

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