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StormGeo Energy and Power Day 2023 Recordings

On November 2, 2023, at Energy and Power Day, our speakers and experts provided deep insights into the factors shaping the energy and power markets. These include extreme weather, climate change, geopolitical challenges, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

We had the privilege of hearing from seasoned experts, including the StormGeo Team, renowned weather forecasting experts, and esteemed speakers from leading European industry players such as Rystad Energy, 7Analytics, Innovation Norway, and Deep Wind Offshore.

The event recording includes all the sessions from the open event program.

Welcome Speech by Julia Weiss (StormGeo) and Carsten Torbergsen (StormGeo)

Macro Presentations: Volatility and the Future Transformation of the Energy Industry


01:10 Macro presentation "Shifting the Balance within the Energy Trilemma" with Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Deputy-CEO at Rystad Energy

  • New realities to affordability, reliability and sustainability to the energy mix
  • Impact on climate scenarios
  • The Question of Offshore: where and when will we see the next wave

35:44 Macro presentation "Long Term Impacts to Power Prices and Investments" with Sigbjørn Seland, Chief Analyst at StormGeo Nena

  • The evolving energy and power investment outlook
  • Key assumptions underpinning market developments
  • Long-term trajectory of electricity prices: what to expect
  • Energy transition's influence on the investment landscape

Panel: Climate Change Affecting Weather Patterns – Implications for the Industry

Host: Ingvild Håvardstun Kjørrefjord (StormGeo)


  • Eli Wærum Rognerud (Innovation Norway)
  • Helge Jørgesen (7Analytics)
  • Geir Ramnefjell (Deep Wind Offshore)
  • Jostein Mælan (StormGeo)

Fostering Sustainability through Smart Data Analysis. Nina Winther-Kaland

StormGeo's Director of Data Science takes us through how everything from weather forecasting to deep tech, data and domain expertise have been key to StormGeo's solutions. Quality is the key foundation!

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