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(On demand) Typhoon Prediction 2024

Typhoons always have a significant impact on ships, both in terms of safety and commercial value. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Shipowners’ Association, StormGeo will organize a seminar about “Typhoon Prediction 2024” on June 5th.

During this seminar, Ms. Nancy Lin, Senior Meteorologist at StormGeo, will provide insights into the typhoon outlook for 2024 and the factors accounting for the prediction. Simultaneously, Ms. Petty Leung, Managing Director, Greater China at StormGeo, will take this opportunity to update you on the latest routing strategies in the market.

What we delivered insights on:

  • How the El Niño to La Niña transition affects storm probability
  • Which areas are most at risk for tropical weather impacts in 2024
  • The latest developments in routing strategies in the market

Nancy Lin & Petty Leung present insights into typhoon outlook 2024, and routing strategies.

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